Exploratory: An Introduction to Cohort Analysis

19fc8f6113c5c3d86e6176362ff29479?s=47 Kan Nishida
July 10, 2019

Exploratory: An Introduction to Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis is one of the most critical analysis in SaaS / Subscription businesses. It helps you understand how your customers are churning (or retaining) your service as the time goes by.

And if you want to do it right, you want to use Survival Curve algorithm a.k.a. Kaplan-Meyer. This technique has been used in other areas such as employee attrition, machine maintenance, patient treatment, etc. but it works great for today’s data savvy SaaS businesses.

Kan will be introducing what the Survival Curve is and how you can use it in Exploratory.


Kan Nishida

July 10, 2019