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Seminar #48 - Introduction to Exploratory v6.6

Seminar #48 - Introduction to Exploratory v6.6

We have released Exploratory v6.6 just the other day. In this seminar, Kan has introduced some of the exciting new features including the following items.

* Summary View - Correlation Mode
* Analytics - Factor Analysis
* Analytics - Text Analysis
* Data Source - Salesforce
* R 4.1 Upgrade

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UI Tool: Exploratory(https://exploratory.io/)
Exploratory Online Seminar: https://exploratory.io/online-seminar

Kan Nishida

June 16, 2021

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  1. Kan Nishida CEO/co-founder Exploratory Summary In Spring 2016, launched Exploratory,

    Inc. to democratize Data Science. Prior to Exploratory, Kan was a director of product development at Oracle leading teams to build various Data Science products in areas including Machine Learning, BI, Data Visualization, Mobile Analytics, Big Data, etc. While at Oracle, Kan also provided training and consulting services to help organizations transform with data. @KanAugust Speaker
  2. 3 Data Science is not just for Engineers and Statisticians.

    Exploratory makes it possible for Everyone to do Data Science. The Third Wave
  3. 5 Questions Communication (Dashboard, Note, Slides) Data Access Data Wrangling

    Visualization Analytics (Statistics / Machine Learning) ExploratoryɹModern & Simple UI
  4. UI

  5. This is when you want to use the new Error

    Bar (Summarized Data) type.
  6. You can assign a column for Numerator and a column

    for Denominator. Numerator Denominator Bounces Sessions Bounce Rate =
  7. Performance - M1 Mac (Apple Silicon) CSV File Import 2x

    αϚϦɾϏϡʔ - ϕʔγοΫ αϚϦɾϏϡʔ - ૬ؔϞʔυ 2.5x 1.5x