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Exploratory Seminar #49 - Introduction to Dashboard Cycle with Exploratory

Exploratory Seminar #49 - Introduction to Dashboard Cycle with Exploratory

We have introduced a whole lifecycle of the Exploratory dashboard including the following steps.

- Create
- Publish - Private vs Public
- Share
- Find
- Interact with Parameter
- Schedule
- Reproduce

Kan Nishida

June 27, 2021

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  1. Kan Nishida CEO/co-founder Exploratory Summary In Spring 2016, launched Exploratory,

    Inc. to democratize Data Science. Prior to Exploratory, Kan was a director of product development at Oracle leading teams to build various Data Science products in areas including Machine Learning, BI, Data Visualization, Mobile Analytics, Big Data, etc. While at Oracle, Kan also provided training and consulting services to help organizations transform with data. @KanAugust Speaker
  2. 3 Data Science is not just for Engineers and Statisticians.

    Exploratory makes it possible for Everyone to do Data Science. The Third Wave
  3. 5 Questions Communication (Dashboard, Note, Slides) Data Access Data Wrangling

    Visualization Analytics (Statistics / Machine Learning) ExploratoryɹModern & Simple UI
  4. 8 Questions Data Access Data Wrangling Visualization Analytics (Statistics /

    Machine Learning) Data Science Workflow Communication (Dashboard, Note, Slides)
  5. 9 Wrangling Visualization Analytics Access In a pursuit of discovering

    insights, you would generate various charts that are worth sharing others and monitoring periodically.
  6. 11 Dashboard Wrangling Visualization Analytics Access One of the best

    ways to share the insights is to create Dashboards.
  7. 12 Publish Schedule Share Interact Reproduce Wrangling Visualization Analytics Access

    Dashboard But, Dashboard is much more than creating one.
  8. 14

  9. 15 Numbers Analytics - Forecasting Analytics - Cohort Analysis Map

    Chart You can bring in various types of numbers and charts.
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  31. 47 If you don’t want to have others to create

    Exploratory accounts, you can share your Dashboard with the URL sharing mode.
  32. 48

  33. Sharing Mode Types 51 Public Mode Private Mode Private with

    URL Level of Sharing Anybody can access and open. Only the invited people can access and open. Login will be required. Anybody with the URL can open. URL The published URL. The published URL. A different URL from the published URL will be generated and can be used to share. This URL can be regenerated by disabling/enabling. Message when inviting No You can write a message when sharing. No Search from Insight Page (Web Site) Yes Yes, but only for logged in users. Users who don’t have access to the data/ insights won’t see them in the search result. No User Type Any Need an Exploratory account to log in. (either paid plan or free plan) Any Usage of Parameter Yes Yes Yes
  34. 52 When you have many Dashboards (and others) at Exploratory

    Server, it is hard to find the ones you are looking for just by bookmarking the URLs.
  35. 55

  36. 57 Me Team Mates I want data for Europe. I

    want data for Africa. I want data for Asia. Exploratory Server I can publish the dashboard to Exploratory Server to share with my team mates. And, everyone can see the data of their interest shown in the dashboard by using the Parameter! Publish
  37. 61 This parameter is used in a Analytics Filter that

    effects only this chart that is from ‘Time Series Forecasting with Prophet’.
  38. 62 All you need is to add parameters to Step,

    Chart, and Analytics. Then all the required parameters will show up automatically in the Parameter pane.
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