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Shared Web + Ti App JavaScript Codebase

Frank Eijking
December 03, 2014

Shared Web + Ti App JavaScript Codebase

Ti Meetup Talk 20014-12-03 (http://www.meetup.com/TitaniumNL/events/192330472/)

This presentation explains the concept of how and why we created a shared JavaScript codebase for our web apps and mobile Titanium apps for iOS and Android.

For sample code see: https://github.com/karaoak/SharedJS.Core

Frank Eijking

December 03, 2014

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  1. Shared Web + Ti App
    JavaScript Codebase

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  2. working @medianique
    About me

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  3. Working mainly with…
    • Laravel, MySQL, Oracle
    • Backbone 1.0+, BB LayoutManager, BB Stickit

    SASS and alotta’ JS
    • Titanium (since 1.6.x), Alloy (since 2013)

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  4. Why a shared JS codebase
    • Just like we use Titanium to develop apps for both
    iOS + Android, why not use JS to …
    • Take away inconsistencies between mobile app and
    web app logic.
    • Keep things DRY, why write something in JS twice?
    • Reduce TCO. 

    Cut costs for both initial development + AM

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  5. Objectives
    • Keep business logic in one place
    • Unit test business logic once
    • Leverage context specific technologies:
    • HTML5 BB Web App:It should be possible to use BB
    plugins like LayoutManager + Stickit
    • Ti Alloy App: It should be possible to use Alloy views
    and Alloy MV binding.
    • Keep it very simple! With very little, and

    no exotic, dependencies.

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  6. Alternatives
    • Start the other way around. Use something to wrap
    generic commonjs or node modules.
    • Write and compile your Ti app code for Ti ‘mobile

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  7. How it works / Setup
    Shared JS Codebase

    Backbone / CommonJS / Mocha
    Ti Alloy App
    symlinked as:

    symlinked as:

    platform specific library injected proxy dependency
    Web App with

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  8. How it works / Setup

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  9. –Johnny Appleseed
    “Type a quote here.”

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  10. –Johnny Appleseed
    “Type a quote here.”
    Shared JS Codebase

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  11. Ti App proxy (via alloy.js)

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  12. Web App proxy (browserify)

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  13. platform specific interfaces
    implementations either
    extended or proxied, e.g. for:

    • persistence
    • state
    • audioplayback
    • analytics
    • logging

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  14. Demo!

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  17. Questions?

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