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Test, you fools ( Testad malditos)

Test, you fools ( Testad malditos)

A light introduction to the automated testing process.



June 21, 2016


  1. Testad malditos Jorge Juan Barroso Carmona jorge@karumi.com @flipper83 +JorgeJBarroso Android

  2. Basho. Poet Karumi is the beauty of ordinary things spoken

    of in a simple way.
  3. Adam Tornhill “Testing is the process of executing a program

    with the intent of finding errors. ... This definition of testing has many implications ... it implies that testing is a destructive process, even a sadistic process, which explains why most people find it difficult.” Glenford J. Myers
  4. Why Write Test?

  5. It is your responsibility

  6. The only way to makes a refactor

  7. it’s really good live Documentation

  8. it’s a tool for Design

  9. it’s Money

  10. “Bad code affect to your Costumer” Martin Fowler

  11. None
  12. None
  13. Acceptance Testing

  14. It’s from the point of view of the Customer

  15. similar to Natural Language

  16. near to Frameworks

  17. Robotium Appium Espresso

  18. Integration Testing

  19. Test how modules work together

  20. Unit Testing

  21. 24 different definitions of unit test.

  22. You're testing should be isolated from its collaborators

  23. Small scope

  24. Unit tests are not silver bullets

  25. A unit is not a class

  26. Fast
 Isolated Repeatable Self-Verifing Timely/Transparent

  27. Stubs Canned responses Mocks Expectations
 Spies Save information Fake Near

    to real one Dummy Not make anything Test Doubles
  28. Given
 When Then

  29. Adam Tornhill “When you are very thirsty, even dirty water

    will keep you alive.” J. B. Rainsberger
  30. Bibliography They’re the cracks! Adicto Al verde. Joaquin Engelmo Elegant??

    Unit Testing. Pablo Guardiola Working Effectively with Unit testing. Jay Fields Software Craftmanship. Sandro Mancuso Mocks Aren't Stubs. martin fowler. 2007 Software Reliability: Principles & Practices. Glenford J. Myers 1976 The Art of Unit Testing. Roy Osherove Test Driven Development: By Example. Kent Beck
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  32. None