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RHEL好きの集い vol2.1 kpatchの深堀り

December 20, 2019

RHEL好きの集い vol2.1 kpatchの深堀り

RHEL好きの集い vol2.1でのkpatchの動作を解説した資料です。


December 20, 2019

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  1. RHEL好きの集い v2.1 kpatchの深掘り OSSセキュリティ技術の会 面 和毅

  2. RHEL 8.1からkpatchが標準サポート

  3. そもそもkpatchってどうやって動くの? 『kernelに動的にパッチを当てる?』 セールストークはわかった。 じゃあ、実際には何をやってるの?

  4. None
  5. 取り敢えず読んでみるべ https://github.com/dynup/kpatch とそのリンクに全て書いてありそう -> https://github.com/dynup/kpatch/blob/master/doc/patch-author-guide.md が参考になる

  6. そもそも論 登場人物 ・kpatch ・kGraft ・live-patch

  7. 経緯 kpatch kGraft livepatch (Kernel 4.0から) kpatch(User-Land) kGraft(User-Land) + +

  8. ftrace kpatch kGraft livepatch (Kernel 4.0から) kpatch(User-Land) kGraft(User-Land) + +

  9. ftraceの動きを見てみる [[email protected] ~]# cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/available_tracers hwlat blk function_graph wakeup_dl wakeup_rt

    wakeup function nop /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/current_tracer [[email protected] ~]# echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on [[email protected] ~]# ls anaconda-ks.cfg initial-setup-ks.cfg kpatch.log [[email protected] ~]# pwd /root [[email protected] ~]# echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/tracing_on
  10. ftraceの動きを見てみる [[email protected] ~]# cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_pipe > trace.log [[email protected] ~]# cat

    trace.log ------------------------------ CPU:0 [LOST 2183845 EVENTS] pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077183: selinux_file_permission <-security_file_permission pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077184: __inode_security_revalidate <-selinux_file_permission pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077184: _cond_resched <-__inode_security_revalidate pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077184: rcu_all_qs <-_cond_resched pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077184: file_has_perm <-security_file_permission pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077184: bpf_fd_pass <-file_has_perm pool-2670 [000] .... 348.077184: inode_has_perm.isra.43 <-file_has_perm 成る程。 関数のTraceとか出来るのね。
  11. livepatchを見てみる linux-5.3.1/samples/livepatch 以下のサンプルを見ながら linux-5.3.1/include/linux/livepatch.h を参考に見てみましょう

  12. /samples/livepatch/livepatch-sample.c static struct klp_func funcs[] = { { .old_name =

    "cmdline_proc_show", .new_func = livepatch_cmdline_proc_show, }, { } }; static struct klp_object objs[] = { { /* name being NULL means vmlinux */ .funcs = funcs, }, { } }; static struct klp_patch patch = { .mod = THIS_MODULE, .objs = objs, };
  13. include/linux/livepatch.h : klp_func構造体) include/linux/livepatch.h : klp_func構造体) /** * struct klp_func

    - function structure for live patching * @old_name: name of the function to be patched * @new_func: pointer to the patched function code * @old_sympos: a hint indicating which symbol position the old function * can be found (optional) * @old_func: pointer to the function being patched * @kobj: kobject for sysfs resources * @node: list node for klp_object func_list * @stack_node: list node for klp_ops func_stack list * @old_size: size of the old function * @new_size: size of the new function ...
  14. include/linux/livepatch.h : klp_object構造体 /** * struct klp_object - kernel object

    structure for live patching * @name: module name (or NULL for vmlinux) * @funcs: function entries for functions to be patched in the object * @callbacks: functions to be executed pre/post (un)patching * @kobj: kobject for sysfs resources * @func_list: dynamic list of the function entries * @node: list node for klp_patch obj_list * @mod: kernel module associated with the patched object * (NULL for vmlinux) * @dynamic: temporary object for nop functions; dynamically allocated * @patched: the object's funcs have been added to the klp_ops list */ struct klp_object { /* external */ const char *name;
  15. include/linux/livepatch.h : klp_patch構造体 /** * struct klp_patch - patch structure

    for live patching * @mod: reference to the live patch module * @objs: object entries for kernel objects to be patched * @replace: replace all actively used patches * @list: list node for global list of actively used patches * @kobj: kobject for sysfs resources * @obj_list: dynamic list of the object entries * @enabled: the patch is enabled (but operation may be incomplete) * @forced: was involved in a forced transition * @free_work: patch cleanup from workqueue-context * @finish: for waiting till it is safe to remove the patch module */ struct klp_patch {
  16. じゃあ、moduleのinitは?

  17. kernel/livepatch/core.c static int __init klp_init(void) { klp_root_kobj = kobject_create_and_add("livepatch", kernel_kobj);

    if (!klp_root_kobj) return -ENOMEM; return 0; } module_init(klp_init); モジュールの初期化
  18. klp_enable_patch static int __klp_enable_patch(struct klp_patch *patch) { ---snip--- /* *

    Enforce the order of the func->transition writes in * klp_init_transition() and the ops->func_stack writes in * klp_patch_object(), so that klp_ftrace_handler() will see the * func->transition updates before the handler is registered and the * new funcs become visible to the handler. */ ---snip--- ret = klp_patch_object(obj); if (ret) {
  19. klp_patch_func static int klp_patch_func(struct klp_func *func) { ---snip--- ops =

    klp_find_ops(func->old_func); if (!ops) { unsigned long ftrace_loc; ftrace_loc = klp_get_ftrace_location((unsigned long)func->old_func); #ifndef klp_get_ftrace_location static unsigned long klp_get_ftrace_location(unsigned long faddr) { return faddr; } #endif
  20. klp_ftrace_handler static void notrace klp_ftrace_handler(unsigned long ip, (略) { --snip--

    /* * NOPs are used to replace existing patches with original code. * Do nothing! Setting pc would cause an infinite loop. */ if (func->nop) goto unlock; klp_arch_set_pc(regs, (unsigned long)func->new_func); --------------------- static inline void klp_arch_set_pc(struct pt_regs *regs, unsigned long ip) { regs->ip = ip; }
  21. 平松さんの資料(YLUG)

  22. kpatchとlivepatch [email protected]:~/SIOS/RHEL/kpatch/tmp/patch$ ls Makefile kpatch-patch-hook.c kpatch.lds.S livepatch-test.mod.o patch-hook.c Module.symvers kpatch-patch.h

    livepatch-patch-hook.c livepatch-test.o patch-hook.o built-in.o kpatch.h livepatch-test.ko modules.order tmp.ko kpatch-macros.h kpatch.lds livepatch-test.mod.c output.o tmp_output.o
  23. 結局こういう事 livepatch (Kernel 4.0から) kpatch(User-Land) ftrace

  24. kpatchの制限

  25. kpatchでpatchが作れないケース 1. データ構造の変更とか (kpatchはあくまでも”関数”を対象) https://github.com/dynup/kpatch/blob/master/doc/patch-author-guide.md “kpatch patches functions, not data.

    If the original patch involves a change to a data structure, the patch will require some rework, as changes to data structures are not allowed by default.”
  26. kpatchでpatchが作れないケース 2. データセマンティックの変更 (shadow variable(kpatchの変数)の追加とか) https://github.com/dynup/kpatch/blob/master/doc/patch-author-guide.md diff --git a/fs/aio.c b/fs/aio.c

    index ebd06fd0de89..6a33b73c9107 100644 --- a/fs/aio.c +++ b/fs/aio.c @@ -280,6 +280,8 @@ static void free_ioctx_rcu(struct rcu_head *head) * and ctx->users has dropped to 0, so we know no more kiocbs can be submitted - * now it's safe to cancel any that need to be. */ +#include <linux/livepatch.h> +#define KPATCH_SHADOW_REQS_ACTIVE_V2 1
  27. kpatchでpatchが作れないケース 3. __init()関数の変更 4. ヘッダーファイルの変更 5. 関数の削除(これは直感的に無理さがわかりやすい ) その他諸々・・・・ でもkpatch-buildで大抵見つけてくれるのでまあ(完全ではないと思う)。

  28. kpatchでちょっと作ってみよう

  29. kpatchでpatchを作ってみよう https://github.com/dynup/kpatch に方法が載っています。 Fedora/CentOS/RHEL/Debianで出来るらしい。 Fedora31 -> ダメでした(2019/12月現在) なので CentOS7で試す ->

  30. patchの作成 1. /usr/src/debug/kernel-XX内で linux-XX.new(変更後のソース) linux-XX (オリジナル) でpatchを作成。 diff -Nru linux-3.10.0-1062.4.3.el7.x86_64

    linux-3.10.0-1062.4.3.el7.x86_64.new > /root/test.patch
  31. kpatchモジュールの作成 [[email protected] work]# kpatch-build -t vmlinux /root/test.patch Using cache at

    /root/.kpatch/src Testing patch file(s) Reading special section data Building original source Building patched source Extracting new and modified ELF sections read_write.o: changed function: vfs_write read_write.o: changed function: vfs_read namespace.o: changed function: do_mount read_write.o: changed function: vfs_write read_write.o: changed function: vfs_read namespace.o: changed function: do_mount Patched objects: vmlinux Building patch module: livepatch-test.ko SUCCESS
  32. kpatchモジュールの作成とロード [[email protected] work]# ls livepatch-test.ko [[email protected] work]# kpatch load livepatch-test.ko

    loading patch module: livepatch-test.ko waiting (up to 15 seconds) for patch transition to complete... patch transition has stalled! signaling stalled process(es): waiting (up to 60 seconds) for patch transition to complete... transition complete (1 seconds) kpatchモジュール
  33. kpatchモジュールのロード dmesg ) [ 1176.794796] livepatch: enabling patch 'livepatch_test' [

    1176.881381] livepatch: 'livepatch_test': starting patching transition [ 1192.031557] livepatch: signaling remaining tasks [ 1192.381182] livepatch: 'livepatch_test': patching complete コマンドだと(kpatch list) [[email protected] work]# kpatch list Loaded patch modules: livepatch_test [enabled] Installed patch modules:
  34. kpatchモジュールのアンロード [[email protected] work]# kpatch unload livepatch_test disabling patch module: livepatch_test

    waiting (up to 15 seconds) for patch transition to complete... patch transition has stalled! signaling stalled process(es): waiting (up to 60 seconds) for patch transition to complete... transition complete (1 seconds) unloading patch module: livepatch_test [[email protected] work]# kpatch list Loaded patch modules: Installed patch modules: [[email protected] work]#
  35. RHELだと

  36. RHNからRPMがダウンロードできる

  37. RHのkpatchモジュールの適用 普通にrpmコマンドでOK [[email protected] ~]# rpm -ivh /home/sios/rhel77/kpatch-patch-3_10_0-1062-1-1.el7.x86_64.rpm 警告: /home/sios/rhel77/kpatch-patch-3_10_0-1062-1-1.el7.x86_64.rpm: ヘッダー

    V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature、鍵 ID fd431d51: NOKEY 準備しています... ################################# [100%] 更新中 / インストール中... 1:kpatch-patch-3_10_0-1062-1-1.el7 ################################# [100%] loading patch module: /usr/lib/kpatch/3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64/kpatch-3_10_0-1062-1-1.ko installing /usr/lib/kpatch/3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64/kpatch-3_10_0-1062-1-1.ko (3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64) [[email protected] ~]# ls /usr/lib/kpatch/3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64/ kpatch-3_10_0-1062-1-1.ko
  38. RHのkpatchモジュールの適用 kpatchがロードされています。 [[email protected] ~]# kpatch list Loaded patch modules: kpatch_3_10_0_1062_1_1

    [enabled] Installed patch modules: kpatch_3_10_0_1062_1_1 (3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64) (ちなみに再起動してもロードされます。 「再起動は許すがkernelのバージョンはミドルウェアのサポートの関係で変更できない」 という環境には有用。)
  39. その他試してみましょう

  40. 懸念点1. こんなケースだと大丈夫? No Problem! 論理的に問題なし 更にテスト済み(Sophos-AV で10回以上組み合わせを変 えてテスト。問題なし )

  41. 懸念点2. パフォーマンスの影響は? 当然、kpatchばっかりで根本的にKernelを入れ替えないのな ら、パフォーマンスに影響が出るんじゃない?

  42. vmstatで見てみた(RHEL7.7) パッチによっては メモリが減る

  43. Unixbench(RHEL7.7) こっちはほぼ変化なし

  44. 結果 メモリの方は少しずつ食っていく感じ(パッチによる) -> メモリに”厳しい”環境だと何か有るかも(10Mbytes単位だけど) 結局「恒久的に当てない」ではなく「緊急時の対応」と考えるのが妥当

  45. まとめ

  46. kpatchの中身を知ると意外に面白い ・kpatchの仕組みは以外にベタだけれど深い ・kpatchを作ることも出来るけど、対象が限られる ・kpatchはRHELで提供されているものを使うのが正義  (検証をきっちりとやっているからね) ・kpatchは、あくまでも一時しのぎ

  47. Q&A