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Introduction to Wear OS

Introduction to Wear OS

It is my presentation file on English Night 10.



Kenichi Kambara

July 02, 2021

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  1. 2021.07.02 Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) English Night #10 Introduction to Wear

  2. About me •Mobile App Development •[Of fi cial] Evangelist at

    NTT TechnoCross •[Private] iplatform.org •Traveling (Been to 40 countries) / Running Kenichi Kambara (@korodroid) 
  3. Smart Watches (e.g.) • Apple Watch 6: https://www.apple.com/jp/watch/ • Oppo

    Watch : https://www.oppo.com/jp/accessory-oppo-watch/ • Galaxy Watch 3: https://www.galaxymobile.jp/galaxy-watch3/ Device OS Main Platformer Apple Watch 6 Oppo Watch Galaxy Watch 3 watchOS Wear OS Tizen Apple Google Samsung
  4. Wear OS Introduction  Wear apps Watch faces Complications OS

    name: Based on Android & optimized for the wrist Source: https://developer.android.com/training/wearables/
  5. Wear OS History •First Release at Google I/O 2014 2014

    2018 2018 2021 Android Wear Wear OS •Rebranding •Big Update at Google I/O 2021
  6. Wear OS Topics from I/O 2021 Source: Google I/O 2021

    Keynote / Developer Keynote / Wear OS Session
  7. A uni fi ed platform (Wear OS + Tizen)

  8. New consumer experience 

  9. UI/UX Improvements


  11. Google Play Store Updates •Easy to fi nd Wear Apps

    •[New] Wear Category •Install Directly from mobile 
  12. Reference  •Google I/O Keynote / Developer Keynote 

 •What’s New with Wear 
  13. Please let me know if you have any requests 

    such as technical speeches, technical writings and so on. Facebook:http://fb.com/kanbara.kenichi Twitter:@korodroid LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/in/korodroid Thank you so much