Decentralization - The Essence of Blockchain

68a8092ba46ca5848bcdfc453d81c4bb?s=47 Koshik Raj
August 04, 2018

Decentralization - The Essence of Blockchain

Fundamentals of Blockchain and how Decentralization is achieved with the help of consensus algorithms. A simulation of a peer-to-peer communication in a blockchain network by creating a small application using Python was also covered.

Topics covered in the workshop were:
-Blockchain and Decentralization.
-Achieving consensus in a decentralized network.
-Decentralization with peer-to-peer (P2P) networking.
-Block synchronization, validation in the P2P network.
-Building a decentralized blockchain application in Python.

More resource used in the talk.


Koshik Raj

August 04, 2018