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What are the interns at Code for Japan doing?

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December 02, 2020

What are the interns at Code for Japan doing?

Presentation by Code for Japan & Civichat at g0v summit 2020 held in December



December 02, 2020

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  1. What are the interns at Code for Japan doing? Kota

    Yatagai Shunsuke Takagi Yuki Mihashi Yuki Takatsu Hayata Yuge Keigo Murata
  2. Agenda Contents Time Overview of Code for Japan 5min The

    interns at Code for Japan What the interns are doing 2min CCC U-22 - held by students, for students 1min Presentation by the champion of CCC 7min Civichat
  3. Introduction of speakers Kota Yatagai Civichat - High School Student

    - Intern at Code for Japan - The champion team of CCC U-22 - Having 5 members ×
  4. What is Code for Japan? What is Code for Japan

    working on? Overview of Code for Japan
  5. The biggest civic tech community in Japan Think together, create

    together; https://code4japan.org Ask not why nobody is doing this. You are the "nobody"!
  6. Code for Giin Over 4000 members, 80 brigades Election

  7. Tokyo COVID-19 Task Force website Forked by all the prefectures’

    COVID-19 website Other COVID-19 related project Study At Home Mamoriai Japan COVID-19 Project
  8. The interns Taiyu Yoshizawa - Proposer of CCC U-22 -

    Contributor to COVID-19 Website (Hokkaido) Kota Yatagai Miyu Hirao - Majoring in Design Kyo Watanabe Yuto Ashida Yusaku Washio - Developer of Study At Home - Contributor to COVID-19 Website (Kobe) - Developer of Study At Home - Contributor to COVID-19 Website (Tokyo) - Working on a robot competition
  9. What are we doing Event management Decide on a theme

    Contact guests Facilitate the event
  10. Civic Tech Live!! Monthly Civic Tech event One theme for

    each month Presentation by guests Unconference It's been online since April because of COVID-19
  11. Social Hack Day!! 1day Hackathon Participants bring their own projects

    Other participants join the project which they have an interest in Keep Developing for 6 hours !! (11:00〜17:00)
  12. Civictech Challenge Cup U-22

  13. Civictech Challenge Cup U-22 Social problem solving competition By students

    For students
  14. Themes of CCC Social problem in a broad sense

  15. JSON API Protocol buffers $TUtoyama-city-maidohaya_354900 012184・- toyama-city-maidohaya_3549譯懃 伴莠 御ク∫岼 2+豈取律+11 ッζ・

    ヘζ・ 繖ト・ 氤ト・ Local bus location API Hard to use... Easy for Developer!
  16. Twitter fact checking system Too many groundless rumor on Twitter

    Twitter fact-check by hand
  17. ITrink Bot crawl & find a tweet that goes viral

    Accuracy Credibility Safety Calculate the total Reliability Point Reply the result
  18. 28 Team   105 Members ENTRY Finalist 11 Team   33 Members

  19. None
  20. cfj.slack.com Join us on

  21. Thank you!!