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WordPress Post Formats

WordPress Post Formats

Post Formats have been present in WordPress themes for a while, but are still a mystery to most users and themes

Kristen Symonds

August 26, 2013

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  1. What are Post Formats? • Post Formats are a new(ish)

    method of designating content types in posts • Image • Gallery • Status • Aside • Link • etc codex.wordpress.org/Post_Formats
  2. When to use Formats? • The best time to use

    post formats is when both: a. your theme supports them b. you intend to share useful content in smaller (more manageable?) chunks, rather than always using long-form
  3. How can you use them? 1.Find a theme that supports

    Post Formats well, or modify your theme to support them. 2.Assign formats to your posts.
  4. Step 2 is easy! Choose the format that matches your

    post (as you would any categories or tags)
  5. Step 1 is slightly harder • Trial & error •

    Test themes to see how they display different post formats (and if they display them differently at all) • OR Build your own child theme to display post formats how you want to NB Theme Unit Test is useful either way
  6. Theme testing Just because a theme says it supports post

    formats doesn’t mean it does anything with them! The following themes, except Genesis, are all freely available from the WordPress theme respository
  7. Twenty Thirteen Different colours Icons & borders Colours & meta

    Icon & formatting Featured image ↑ title Featured image hidden No page templates!
  8. Esquire No gallery title Epic image border Big link title

    Bright quote No featured images Not responsive
  9. Hum Format labels 1 gallery image + number Quote typography

    Simple link Image display Not all formats labelled
  10. Pachyderm Cute format icons... in a range of colours... for

    all tested formats! Cute featured images (not on single posts) Attention to detail Clever sidebar
  11. Path No title for short formats Title links to Link

    Smooth quotes Gallery “excerpt” Status avatar Nicely responsive
  12. Preference Lite Gallery with feature Subtle Aside label Duplicate images?!

    Link is okay Status: avatar, but prominent title Quote is nice, but out of flow
  13. Expound •Not much different for post formats ✘ •Asides don’t

    show title is the only change •Nice featured image thumbnail display •Responsive ✔ Genesis •Post Format icons hook ✔ •No default featured image display •No default post format display variations Living Journal •No titles for image & quote formats •Featured image thumbnails, not on singles •No featured image for image format ✔
  14. Matala •Featured image thumbnails show for image formats too ✘

    •Cool post format icons next to title ✔ •Not resposive Montezuma •Nothing different for post formats •but simple enough design to suit formats •Nice featured images, not on singles Vertigo •Nifty audio & video format styles •Cassette tape & video projector rolling! ✔ •Link formats break PHP ✘
  15. Else, make a child theme • codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes • Content templates

    • Understanding get_template_part • Create required template parts: content-{post format name}.php • Add needed CSS styles • Framework hooks & actions