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From the CTO Desk - August 27 - September 1, 2012

Sam K
August 27, 2012

From the CTO Desk - August 27 - September 1, 2012

In this edition of CTO Desk, I covered upon

1. Cloud computing
2. Semantic - HTML5 classes!
3. Graduates - Read & find out what it is!!
4. Top contributors – this week its a one man show & that man is Sathya!!

Sam K

August 27, 2012

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  1. From  the  CTO  Desk
    - August 26 – September 1, 2012

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  2. Cloud  Computing
    Cool…I want to know more about Cloud..Go on…
    Hold on folks! That is it for now J Stay tuned for more interesting
    cloud facts in the coming weeks!!
    What’s happening when we use the cloud?
    When we use the cloud, our computer communicates with the network
    of servers. Some of the servers are specialized for storage, while
    others use their computing power to run applications.
    Have I used the cloud?!
    Yes. You do! Today, we do all kind of things in the cloud. For example,
    whenever you check your email online, you’re using the cloud J
    What is this Cloud Computing?!
    The cloud is the internet – in other words, a network of servers

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  3. HTML5  –  Semantics
    Semantics HTML means your markup describes its
    content without presenting it!
    Content is more organized, search friendly &
    Semantics are meant to help browsers understand
    how to present your content better, whether it is
    being presented on computers, laptops or devices
    like Mobiles & Tablets!
    Semantics mandates that Elements, attributes &
    attribute values are defined to have certain
    Semantic markup enhances accessibility,
    searchability, internationalization &

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  4. Graduates!!
    On August 2012, bunch of Cogzians officially became graduates J
    Rewinding & cherishing our Convocation day always bring back
    great & sweet college days. It’s a never to miss moment in our life…
    Good job folks! But remember, your real professional education has
    just began & miles to go!!
    Anitha Venkatesh
    Kalidass Nagaraj

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  5. This time, Top contributor is a one man show & that man is Sathya!!
    It’s not like others didn’t contribute! Sathya has packed volumes of useful
    info which has eaten this week’s entire top contributor section J
    He extensively covered on System & infra testing involved in Olympics 2012
    & we have sprinkled some of the interesting tidbits!!
    Keep those contribution coming in folks!! Next week, it could be you!!
    Atos Origin first became involved in
    Olympic IT in 1992 and by the
    2004 Olympic Games it was the
    main partner.
    It is already planning for the
    Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
    in 2016.
    The security of data is a top
    According to supplier Atos Origin,
    when it ran the IT at the last
    Olympic Games in Beijing, there
    were between 12 and 14 million
    data security events that needed
    to be checked-out every day.
    Information about the Olympic -
    Canary Wharf testing lab #
    # #
    •  70 staff at peak # #
    •  880 PCs # #
    •  130 servers # #
    •  110 network switches #
    In this Olympics
    •  Atos handled Application &
    technology integration
    •  Omega handled Timing & Scoring
    •  Cisco covered Network
    •  Samsung facilitated Mobile
    communications equipment
    •  Acer provided computers
    Top  Contributor!!

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