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API Economy and developers

API Economy and developers

Presented at X-Road Seminar in Estonia

Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

September 07, 2017

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  1. Sept 7th - Estonia
    Jarkko Moilanen – APItalist, PhD
    Board Member of Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions
    Igniter of Global APIOps network, Demola Network Ambassador
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy – apinf.com
    API Economy and developers

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  2. API Economy is reality
    ➔Organizations and their IT teams are starting to
    focus more on unique API consumption
    strategies first
    ➔APIs are becoming enablers of omnichannel
    selling and service business models quickly
    ➔The best APIs are starting to reflect requirements
    to the persona and customer journey level
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy

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  3. Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy
    Trends and facts
    ➔Protocols such as REST have taken over

    GraphQL is moving fast
    ➔ in production use in Finland, HSL

    Realtime APIs will bring more protocols to the
    stack in couple of years.

    Open data is not going to vanish – it will grow.

    MyData will come 2018

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  4. Trends, facts and visions

    Access variations to data grows and expands

    Amount of data grows (mydata/opendata)

    Bringing all possible protocols to X-Road does not make
    sense resource-wise nor developer eXperience-wise

    X-Road is not the center piece of data

    X-Road APIs become ”lego objects” among others.
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy

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  5. Understand Developers
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy
    Early adopters: gatekeepers,
    ”beta fine tuning”
    Innovators: skilled, participatory,
    window to future, ”forgiving”
    Mass: expect ease of use,
    performance, ”ruthless”
    Let them be

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  6. Early adopters (+innovators)
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy
    ➔Utilize in API development already in design phase
    ➔Implement what is needed,
    ➔Minimize waste (time and money)
    ➔These people enjoy life in communities and share
    ➔Such as APIOps(.net)
    ➔Early adopters help you cross the chasm

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  7. Developer expectations (mass)
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy
    ➔ Access to different data via multiple methods
    ➔ Datasets / APIs
    ➔ APIs taken into use in minutes (no email requests or form
    ➔ Self-service (API-portals as an example)
    ➔ For APIs:
    ➔ Reliability (prove it!)
    ➔ Ease of use (SDKs, guides, frameworks driven)
    ➔ Performance (prove it!)

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  8. Amount of users
    Wanted result often
    with new APIs -
    Does not always
    apply to
    public sector

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  9. Difficulty
    API Developer eXperience needs
    Getting started works
    You need to track and analyze
    consumer (developer) activity.
    Talk to consumers

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  10. Vaativuus
    API:n kehittäjäkokemus
    Keep on analyzing and
    fixing iteratively until
    hockey stick is ”taken down”

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  11. API economy from public sector
    point of view?
    Take into account protocol needs,
    developer expectations and trends such as
    open data and mydata.
    Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy

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  12. Full-stack API Economy house – APInf Oy

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