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API Economy - from monoliths to APIs driven microservices

API Economy - from monoliths to APIs driven microservices

Presented at Nebula Advantage17 event 10.10.2017

Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

October 08, 2017

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    Nebula Advantage 2017
    Jarkko Moilanen, APItalist

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  2. 40% of businesses say they generate
    25-75% of their revenue from APIs
    Connectivity Benchmark Report 2017, Mulesoft

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  3. From monoliths to bazaars
    Towards APIs driven microservices

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  4. Microservices connected with APIs


    High scalability

    Easy to enhance

    Easy to understand

    Ease of deployment

    Freedom to choose technology
    highly decoupled and
    focus on doing a small
    task at a time

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  5. API Strategy

    Build precise simple

    Get ready to go public

    Use API management

    Developer eXperience
    – get it right!
    APIs types – from internal to public

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  6. APIOps Cycles methodology – cycles.apiops.net
    Standardized API value chain automation

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  7. APIs enable speed and flexibility in architecture and business

    Build APIs like they would be exposed to public – as products

    Automate processes – amount of moving parts high

    Requires clear models and orchestration (APIOps & DevOps)
    API Management solutions
    Jarkko Moilanen, Chief APItalist, APInf Oy, [email protected], 040 535 9066
    Wrap up

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