A pathway in Open Teaching

A pathway in Open Teaching

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Barba, Lorena A. (2016): A pathway in Open Teaching. figshare.

This slide deck gives an overview of Prof. Barba's track record in open teaching: creating open educational resources for several years in many platforms.

Prof. Barba's collections on Boston University's iTunes U are consistently (and by a large margin) the top downloads of the channel. Her course videos on YouTube (on Computational Fluid Dynamics) have more than 400,000 views (checked January 2016).

She has created OER not only on iTunes U and YouTube, but also on TED-Ed and lately on GitHub, where her collections of IPython Notebooks (a.k.a., Jupyter) have many hundreds of users (as reflected by forks on GitHub).


Lorena A. Barba

September 20, 2016