Just Do It: Reproducible Research in CFD

Just Do It: Reproducible Research in CFD

Keynote presentation at the International Parallel CFD Conference 2017, Glasgow, Scotland

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Barba, Lorena A. (2017): Just Do It: Reproducible Research in CFD. figshare.

Reproducibility hit the mainstream in the last couple of years, after more than two decades of back-alley campaigns. For example, six months ago, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) issued a “Dear Colleague Letter: Encouraging Reproducibility in Computing and Communications Research.” The movement has often been associated with open data and open-source code, without which one could hardly reproduce a previous computational result. But one thing is sharing code and data for a statistical analysis or a bioinformatics workflow; and quite another to achieve reproducible research in parallel CFD. My research group has been practicing open science for years, and we found the hard way that open code is merely a first step. We need to exhaustively document our computational research, to encourage and accept publication of negative results, and to apply defensive tactics against bad code: version control, modular code, testing, and code review. In this talk, I will share our lessons learned from a replication campaign on our own previous study (arXiv:1605.04339, accepted), and make a call to action. The tools and methods require training, but running a lab for reproducibility is your decision. Just do it!


Lorena A. Barba

May 17, 2017