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DIY security for the amateur superhero

Laura Bell
August 05, 2016

DIY security for the amateur superhero

So the world is a mess. The internet is a toxic wasteland and you and your organisation have decided to fill this space with another application to disrupt the world. Awesome. Sounds like fun. Trouble is, there are a whole range of reasons why this may end badly.For every beautiful system we build, there are equally elegant attacks out there waiting. Boo hoo. We need to take security into our own hands. It's time to defend ourselves and our data, with the only skill we know we can trust - engineering.
Come learn to be a security superhero and learn a range of DIY security approaches to suit any application and operations environment. Manage your vulnerabilities, bring security to your builds and monitor the heck out of your world. Guaranteed vendor device free zone. Bring your skills and let's solve some of your security challenges together.

Laura Bell

August 05, 2016

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  1. Laura Bell Founder and Lead Consultant - SafeStack @lady_nerd [email protected]

    http:/ /safestack.io DIY Security for the amateur superhero
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