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Learn about Six types of Hernia- Southlake Texas

Learn about Six types of Hernia- Southlake Texas

Learn about Six Types of Hernia” and delve deep into the world of medical conditions that affect many worldwide. Hernias, though common, are often misunderstood. Let's explore more: https://www.southlakegeneralsurgery.com/learn-about-six-types-of-hernia-southlake-texas/

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August 30, 2023

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  1. Learn about Six types of Hernia- Southlake Texas By Dr

    Valeria Simone MD (Southlake General Surgery, Texas, USA)
  2. Overview Reviewed by Dr. Valeria Simone MD (Southlake General Surgery,

    Texas) Learn about Six Types of Hernia” and delve deep into the world of medical conditions that affect many worldwide. Hernias, though common, are often misunderstood. In this guide, we’ll shed light on the six prevalent types, helping you understand their causes, symptoms, and the importance of timely intervention. Whether you’re a patient seeking clarity or just curious, this comprehensive overview is tailored for you. A hernia happens when a small piece of tissue swells through a territory of the body — generally a weak point in an individual’s stomach wall. A few hernias may cause not many symptoms. Others can be a health-related crisis. Here we’ll examine various regions in the body where hernias can happen, in addition to controlling you to more inside-out articles about every hernia type. Read more on the most common hernia types that happen in the body:
  3. Epigastric hernia An epigastric hernia is one that happens in

    the epigastric area of the abdomen, which is situated over the belly button and beneath the ribcage. If an epigastric hernia occurs in your body, you might have the option to feel it when there is pressure on the abdominal wall, for example, when you cough, laugh, or weigh down to have a bowel movement. You will also experience pain or tenderness around where the hernia is located.
  4. Femoral hernia A femoral hernia happens when tissue pushes through

    a weak point in the crotch or inward thigh. The hernia may feel like a little to medium-sized bulge in the crotch. An expected 2 to 4 percent of all hernias that happen in the crotch are femoral ones. Women experience femoral hernias more regularly than men. A femoral hernia can be a reason for worry because of the femoral artery and vein being close by. It’s conceivable the hernia could influence these veins and block the bloodstream to and from the leg. Due to this, doctors quite often attempt to address a femoral hernia with a surgical procedure.
  5. Hiatal hernia A hiatal hernia is a condition that happens

    when an individual’s stomach swells through a frail point in the diaphragm, a muscle that isolates the lungs from the abdominal organs. If you have a hiatal hernia, you’re bound to have issues with acid reflux. A few people are born with a hiatal hernia, while others form one as they age. Hiatal hernias are distinguished into types — from type I to IV — relying upon where they are found. An expected 95 percent of hiatal hernias are type I: With these hernias, the stomach stays in position, yet the area where the throat meets the stomach slides over the diaphragm. Hiatal Hernia- Causes, Types, Symptoms, Diagnose and Treatment | Texas
  6. Incisional hernia An incisional hernia can happen after an individual

    has stomach surgery, which normally includes a cut down the center of the stomach. If the surgical incisions don’t heal properly, that individual can be more vulnerable to building up a hernia. A few surgeons may utilize the term “ventral hernia” and “incisional hernia” conversely. A ventral hernia alludes to any hernia type that happens along the midline of the stomach. In any case, not all ventral hernias are incisional hernias. Read more about ventral hernias causes and treatment.
  7. Inguinal hernia An inguinal hernia happens when a segment of

    the intestine system or fat lumps through the lower abdominal wall. The bulge generally experiences the inguinal channel, which is situated in the crotch area. An inguinal hernia can contain a segment of the small intestine in certain individuals and even parts of the female reproductive organs in certain women. According to the Southlake General Surgery, Texas, inguinal hernias mainly happen on the right side. They’re additionally substantially more common in men: An expected 27 percent of men and just 3 percent of women will build up an inguinal hernia during their life. Occasionally it’s hard to differentiate between a femoral and inguinal hernia. In men, an inguinal hernia can cause a lump in the crotch, yet additionally in the scrotum. Inguinal hernia- Causes, Types, Symptoms, Diagnose & Treatment | Texas
  8. Umbilical hernia When tissues in the body swell through a

    region of weakness in the belly button region (umbilicus), this condition is known as Umbilical hernia. As indicated by Dr. Simone MD from Southlake General Surgery, an expected 10% of all hernias in the abdomen are umbilical hernias. The umbilical hernia has a noticeable lump in or around the belly button that is normally more awful when you cough or strain during bowel movement. Umbilical Hernia- Cause, Types, Symptoms, Diagnose &Treatment | Texas
  9. Treatment for hernias at Southlake General Surgery, Texas. Hernias can

    be risky since they can get strangulated or incarcerated. An incarcerated hernia happens when bulging tissue can’t be pushed once again into the right spot, putting steady weight or uneasiness on an individual’s body. A strangulated hernia is a medical emergency condition since the area protruding through loses blood supply. Hernias don’t normally disappear all alone, and if they advance to a strangulated hernia, it is a medical emergency. Thus, a few doctors will suggest surgery as a remedy for an observable hernia to attempt to shield it from deteriorating or causing a medical emergency. Else, they may prescribe viewing the hernia to ensure it can generally fit back through the abdominal wall. If an individual has a known hernia and builds up the accompanying symptoms, they should look for immediate medical attention. Make an appointment online | Southlake General Surgery Texas | USA
  10. Symptoms that need medical attention Look for immediate medical assistance

    if you have a hernia and encounter the accompanying symptoms: Let’s explore more: Learn about Six types of Hernia - Southlake General Surgery
  11. Appointment Learn about Six types of Hernia and more, or

    to schedule an appointment with Dr. Valeria Simone MD, at Southlake General Surgery, Texas, USA. Learn about Please contact our healthcare expert for a quick appointment at +1(817)748-0200. You can also make an online appointment with us. Contact Follow us on Facebook and YouTube. Follow Source: Learn about Six types of Hernia - Southlake General Surgery Source
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