What Haskell can learn from Scala

A1216674d5c9747bcdcc716872439137?s=47 Lars Hupel
October 09, 2015

What Haskell can learn from Scala

The opinions about Scala in the Haskell community differ widely. Most will immediately point out reasons why they think Scala is complex and that Haskell is so much better. But is it really? In this talk, we will take a radically different approach: We will outline what Haskell can learn from Scala and depart from the usual narrative that it is just a “lesser Haskell for the JVM”. Topics include dependent types, composability and modularity, and compile-time reflection and generic programming. We will also compare and contrast the appearance of several popular “design patterns” in Haskell and Scala.


Lars Hupel

October 09, 2015