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Do we need any more test frameworks?

February 07, 2011

Do we need any more test frameworks?

A talk I gave at LRUG in 2011, about the plethora of testing frameworks in Ruby, and the urge to write my own


February 07, 2011

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Other Decks in Programming


  1. blah = Hubris.new do before do @x = 1 end

    it “works” do raise unless 1 == @x end after do @x = nil end end blah.run
  2. class Hubris def initialize(&block) instance_eval(&block) end def before(&block) @before =

    block end def it(name, &block) @test = block end # etc ... def run instance_eval(&@before) instance_eval(&@test) instance_eval(&@after) end end stash evaluate evaluate
  3. before / setup test ... should ... it ... after

    / teardown @f = File.new @f.unlink @f.read
  4. Hubris.new do def some_method @x = 1 end it “works”

    do raise unless 1 == some_method end end where does this method live?