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IoT Printer

April 19, 2012

IoT Printer

A presentation at IOT London, about http://exciting.io/printer, the IoT printer platform I built a few years ago


April 19, 2012

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  1. “An open-source distributed platform for IoT printers” James Adam -

    @lazyatom - @freerange If you’re bored: bit.ly/printermail :: bit.ly/printerpaint Text
  2. Backend Servers expect URLs to HTML pages... ... and converts

    them into 1-bit images, then serial commands
  3. •Other people are better at design than I am; •Other

    people have better ideas for content that I have; •So: make it easy for them to produce and print content, from which everyone benefits. The Plan:
  4. •HTTP Header parsing •Running out of space on Arduino •Reliable

    networking is hard •Programming in C is a pain in the fucking ass. TODO