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Here's to the crazy ones

Here's to the crazy ones

We regress around 13 years back into Rails history to revisit a personal journey I took with Rails, and some thoughts about how that might relate to Rails in the future


April 18, 2018

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  1. – Me, on a mailing list of friends, Thursday, 16

    Aug 2001 “I forsake Java! I renounce C++! All hail The Mighty RUBY!!” 2.upto(100) do |num| puts "Ruby is #{num} times better that Java or C++" end
  2. Sharing code between apps in 2005 Railtie inside a gem

    Plugin A regular gem … guess we better make it
  3. – François “Thanks! These engines are great — this is

    the most excited I’ve been since finding Rails.”
  4. – Scott “This is just awesome. […] This is the

    real answer to the reuse question. I just tried the login engine, and it totally works, easy! Wowee zowee...”
  5. Hey, here’s an idea OK, but y’know, be careful Genuine

    stock image for “excited developer” Genuine stock image for “angry developer”
  6. –Rails Envy Podcast #51 “Kinda like Rails Engines… but doesn’t

    suck?” “Exactly.” (On the topic of Merb slices)
  7. + =

  8. Technology Trigger Peak of Inflated Expectations Trough of Received Opinions

    Slope of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Plateau of “Oh, are those still a thing?” 2005 2011
  9. –Ryan Bigg & Yehuda Katz, Rails 3 in Action, Manning

    Publications, 2011 “There was a lot of controversy surrounding engines, and James spent a lot of his time defending the decision to develop them. Since then, however, the community has grown to accept the idea.”
  10. Majestic Monolith vs. Microservices Fat Models vs. Presenters Callbacks vs.

    Service Objects System Tests vs. Unit Testing & Stubs Fixtures vs. Factories
  11. Hey, I have an idea! Some Guy said about 12

    seconds later: Your idea is in fact de facto evil