Techcamp PP

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March 13, 2013

Techcamp PP



March 13, 2013


  1. ResourceMap & Verboice

  2. Part I

  3. Resource Map

  4. Resource Map: Define your own data set

  5. Resource Map: Real-time update and query

  6. Resource Map: Alert on the map & mobile

  7. Resource Map: See data from the past

  8. Resource Map: Export your data

  9. Resource Map: Share the map 566911942873201&lng=104.90462009783936&z=14

  10. Part II

  11. Resource & Information

  12. What most people is using • Connect to people •

    Find information • Access to media • Share the breaking news • Entertain
  13. Challenges • Internet Access? • Computer or smartphone • Uncle

    Sokha and his family don't read and write English • His phone did not support local language (Khmer) • Text-Messaging (SMS) is not common • Writing on phone keypad is hard • People write different spellings for the same name when using Khmer romanization.
  14. Voice is the most ubiquitous, effective and universal form of

    human communications.
  15. Verboice

  16. Verboice • Design your own voice interaction • Capture input

    and Listen to the voice of your community • Overcome literacy and technological barriers • Scale to suite your needs • It is Open-source
  17. Case studies

  18. Verboice: ILO Better Factories Cambodia • Labor law quiz and

    tip ◦ For garment factory workers ◦ To improve the understanding of workers' rights, work safety and personal health care
  19. Verboice: BBC Media Action • Loy9 mobile ◦ For Cambodian

    youth ◦ To educate and increase youth activities for personal and social development
  20. Verboice: Marie Stopes Cambodia • MObile Technology for Improved Family

    Planning ◦ For women ◦ To support post-abortion contraception
  21. Verboice: National Election Committee • Election Hotline ◦ For Cambodian

    citizen ◦ To give information about 2013 national election
  22. Verboice: RHAC • Reproductive Health Hotline ◦ For sexually vulnerable

    groups ◦ To improve people’s reproductive health
  23. Verboice: People in Need • New birth care voice mail

    ◦ For young mother ◦ Child care reminders • Disaster early warning message ◦ For household in at-risk zone ◦ To spread early warning information about flooding
  24. Verboice: Cost of implementation • Verboice is free But •

    You need to get your own telephone connection • Pay for your outgoing calls
  25. Verboice: Telephone connection? • Don't worry SPICE program - Open

    Institute is here to help you Through SPICE • BFC Hotline - 8397 shortcode (Mobitel & Smart) • Election Hotline - 1285 shortcode (Mobitel, Metfone, Smart, qb) • Loy9 mobile - 9000 shortcode (Mobitel)
  26. Verboice: Nation-wide infrastructure • Verboice is hosted at Ezecom datacenter

    • SPICE - Open Institute will connect all mobile telephone operators to Verboice With SPICE • You will have more concurrent calls • You will get cheaper call rate
  27. • SPIDER (The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions)

    supports Verboice's customization and maintenance for Cambodia. Verboice: Source of funding (Cambodia)
  28. Verboice: Call flow

  29. Verboice: Add a call step

  30. Verboice: Schedule call

  31. Verboice: Calls log

  32. More technologies from the iLab

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