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Why bother with code?

Why bother with code?

Code is scary. Code is hard. Code is worthwhile.

In an increasingly technical world, it’s hard to escape the apparent dominance of code—and, more broadly, of thinking technically. But to so many, code seems either too daunting or too difficult to approach. Why is this? Is this view appropriate? Is code really as scary and as hard as we assume it to be?

Through examining my personal and ongoing journey through learning to code, and proposing a question-oriented process, I attempt to break down the myths surrounding code that portray it as an exclusive art. The end result? A reminder that code isn’t particularly special, and that learning it is simply a matter of training ourselves to solve problems, using a new medium.

Originally presented to Sheridan College’s CCT260 and CCT360 classes, in May 2016.

Lucas Cherkewski

May 18, 2016

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