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Tiny Little Pieces: Designing and developing with pattern libraries

Tiny Little Pieces: Designing and developing with pattern libraries

Traditional web design is all about the mockup, a series of fully designed pages that a developer then turns into templates and a theme. This kind of web design can create websites that are harder to maintain or extend in the future; if it’s not in the original mockup, we have no idea what to do! In recent years, however, a new method has emerged: designing with patterns—small, reusable mini-designs that are combined to create templates of any sort. This talk covers three connected topics: what pattern libraries are all about; how they make life better for designers, developers, and clients; and how to work with a pattern library when building WordPress themes.

Some great resources on designing with patterns:
* http://styleguides.io
* http://atomicdesign.bradfrost.com
* http://www.maban.co.uk/projects/front-end-style-guides/

Lucas Cherkewski

July 23, 2016

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