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Lean Branding: How to Use Branding Moments to Create Products People Love (by Bill Beard)

July 01, 2014

Lean Branding: How to Use Branding Moments to Create Products People Love (by Bill Beard)

In a LeanUX world, where we’re living Build, Measure, Learn and rapidly deploying MVPs, branding is in danger of becoming an afterthought. While much attention has been spent on research, sketching, and constantly testing, not much has been spent on branding and how you communicate value and resonate with customers. That’s a risky proposition in crowded marketplaces where differentiation is essential and customer loyalty is harder than ever to achieve. After all, those are two of the core goals of branding.

In this talk, we’ll start by explaining why branding is so critical to creating loyal customers, how it differentiates your products from your competition, and why branding should be a standard part of your product development process. We’ll discuss how branding has changed in a Lean world and how we apply basic Lean Startup and LeanUX principles to execute Lean Branding.

Finally, we’ll teach you how to apply and test your Lean Brand through Branding Moments, which are interactions in your UX that provides an opportunity to incorporate your brand into your product with minimal effort. They’re a fast and easy way to test your brand ideas while building a relationship with your customer.


July 01, 2014

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  2. @writebeard We are moving too fast, growing too fast. Not

    paying attention to brand or big picture. There is no future. Only care about the next iteration.