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Activity Session 2

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September 18, 2020

Activity Session 2

1.Construct an Insulating Device
2.Light vs. Heat Bulbs



September 18, 2020


  1. 2019 International Workshop on Energy Education Tainan, Taiwan Activity Session

    No. 2 Thursday 8.22.19 Can we REDUCE our ENERGY USE through EFFICIENCY and CONSERVATION?
  2. None
  3. Light vs. Heat Bulbs Activity will be distributed to each

    participant and is also available in the Google Classroom!
  4. Light vs. Heat Bulbs 1. Take out a pencil and

    a calculator. 1. Move to a light bulb station to start this activity. You will return to your desk after collecting data.
  5. The Take-Away from the Light Bulb Lab Making all electrical

    devices demand less energy, and thus more efficient means renewable energy will be able to supply enough to meet that demand. Nanoscience research holds the answer.
  6. Construct an Insulated Box Activity Activity guide can be found

    in the Google Classroom!
  7. Construct an Insulated Box Activity See lesson plan on Google

    Drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x_rhcKBaTT0QVW9O5Ew8N9EjznBygMjv-GPlzDf4loc/edit Using the materials given to you, construct an insulating device. You may construct the Middle school or High school specifications. The device you create must have a removable lid that had a hole in the middle of the lid to allow a thermometer to go through it. When the lid is on your device, the hole top surface must be less than 12 cm above the inside bottom beaker surface.
  8. Construct an Insulated Box Activity

  9. Construct an Insulated Box Activity Once devices are built, compete

    with other groups to predict cooling periods - that is, given a certain period of time, what is the temperature difference of the water in the beaker in your device. For example, predict the temperature of your water after 30 minutes once the lid is placed on your device. Create a graph of several trials of heating or cooling periods.
  10. Construct an Insulated Box Activity

  11. Please clean up your materials - thank you! :)

  12. Lunch and Green Energy Building Tour

  13. Let’s Reflect on Today’s Lessons If you have not watched

    “The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind”, please watch it tonight. :)