Activity Session 3

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September 16, 2020

Activity Session 3

Build A Wind Turbine



September 16, 2020


  1. Exam ple s of INNO VATIO N w he n

    MO TIVATIO N is THERE: Activity Session No. 3 Friday 8.23.19 2019 International Workshop on Energy Education Build a W ind Turbine
  2. The Boy W ho Harne sse d the W ind

    Use art, music, theatre, your science lessons
  3. The Bo y W HTW C hapte r Q ue

    stio ns Lots of lessons available in Google Classroom Here’s just one.
  4. W ind Turbine Activity Go to Google Classroom to follow

    the directions for this activity Type your data in the Google Sheet Link to KidWind simpleGen kit website
  5. W ind Turbine Activity See instructions and materials list in

    the activity in Google Classroom: 1. Connect magnet holder 2. Assemble the simpleGEN housing 3. Wrap wire around simpleGEN housing the number of times that you are assigned 4. Scrape off enamel wire ends with sandpaper 5. Assemble Black Wind Turbine Hub 6. Assemble generator 7. Test using light bulbs 8. Test using a multimeter
  6. The Take -Aw ay from the W ind Turbine Activity

    How did we generate electricity? List things in society that are in constant motion that could be used to generate electricity.
  7. C le aning U p the W ind Turbine Activity

    Put all your materials back into the bin. Put the materials list with it.
  8. Te a Tim e