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Organising Stylesheets and the BEM methodology

Organising Stylesheets and the BEM methodology

Benoît Burgener

November 04, 2014

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  1. Challenge the design Does it really worth it? Image source:

  2. • CSS declarations precedence is a nightmare • Never style

    using IDs • If you really have to, use • Do not include <elements/> in your declarations • Use classes! • And don’t nest them for god sake [id="#shame"]
  3. • Settings variables • Tools mixins, functions • Generic reset,

    normalize • Base body, h1, p, … • Objects .media, .tabs, .list, … • Status .is-active, .is-hidden, …
  4. Recap • Stop thinking about pages, think modules • Solve

    problems, challenge the design if you need to • Describe the styling purpose, not the content • Reduce specificity of your selectors • Name elements insightfully • Split the code into multiple files easily findable
  5. Yandex « BEM is a methodology of web projects development,

    that allows you to divide an interface into logically independent blocks. »
  6. <div class="user-card media media--wide"> <a href="#" class="media__link"> <img src="image.png" class="media__img

    user-card__avatar"> </a> <div class="media__content"> Hello there </div> </div>
  7. The problems • Difficult to use with some CMS •

    Weird to couple with a framework like Bootstrap • Short list of resources
  8. block buttons flag images list-bare list-block list-inline list-ui media normalize

    pack print responsive spacing spacing-responsive tables tabs widths