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E2E testing as it should be

E2E testing as it should be

When it comes to UI testing, some developers tend to be reluctant a lot. Are those tests slow, flaky, hard to write and maintain?

Cypress.io (or Cypress for short) is currently getting a lot of attention when it comes to end-to-end testing. Especially in JavaScript environments Cypress.io seems to be slowly gaining acceptance. It does a lot of things right and is preferable to selenium-based approaches in my opinion.

In my session, I want to introduce Cypress to you and explore its possibilities by writing first tests for the https://phpugms.github.io/ website (or any other if I need more test cases) - so that we can overcome those concerns together.

Ramona Schwering

August 24, 2020

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  1. E2E testing how it should be @leichteckig Custom commands Custom

    commands Cypress.Commands.add('awaitAndCheckNotification', (message) => { cy.get('.sw-notification .sw-alert__message') .should('be.visible') .contains(message); });