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From 0 to Anomaly Detection in your infrastructure metrics in 15 minutes

From 0 to Anomaly Detection in your infrastructure metrics in 15 minutes

Using the NuPIC framework (, we will show the basics of Anomaly Detection using HTM ( Hierarchical Temporal Memory), and perform a demo trying to detect an anomaly in an infrastructure metric (such as a host CPU).


  1. Alejandro Guirao @lekum From 0 to anomaly detection in your

    infrastructure metrics in 15 minutes
  2. “ The checks are often inflexible Boolean logic or arbitrary

    static in time thresholds. They generally rely on a specific result or range being matched. The checks again don’t consider the dynamism of most complex systems. A match or a breach in a threshold may be important or could have been triggered by an exceptional event—or it could even be a natural consequence of growth. James Turnbull (“The Art of Monitoring”)
  3. ◉ Biologically constrained theory of machine intelligence ◉ “On Intelligence”

    (2004, Jeff Hawkins) ◉ Numenta (2005) Time-based learning algorithms that store and recall temporal patterns Hierarchical Temporal Model (HTM)
  4. ◉ Encoders ◉ Spatial Poolers -> Sparsely Dense Representation ◉

    Temporal Pooler -> Cortical Learning Algorithm HTM concepts
  5. Cortical Learning Algorithm

  6. ◉ NuPIC ◉ C++/Python/Java/Clojure ◉ HTM Studio for Anomaly Detection

    ◉ Grok HTM implementations
  7. ◉ ◉ (Videos) ◉ Further reading

  8. Happy hacking! Alejandro Guirao @lekum