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Let's Connect 2020 - Maturity before beauty: maximising value from enterprise social platforms

September 29, 2020

Let's Connect 2020 - Maturity before beauty: maximising value from enterprise social platforms

Slides presented by ANA NEVES during Let's Connect 2020 webinar


September 29, 2020

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  1. AGENDA The Model, the Scan, and the Benchmark Highlights from

    the Benchmark Goals & Impact of COVID-19 Some recommendations 2
  2. 3

  3. 4

  4. 5 7focus areas Leaders Internal Communications Teams Communities Innovation Support

    functions Employees The more mature the usage of social networks, the more value they deliver to the employees and the organization. The following 7 areas of maturity have been defined.
  5. 7

  6. The silo mentality still dominates • 84% of organisations have

    less than 25% of communities with a structured approach to serve the wider organisation • 85% have less than 25% of teams asking questions outside their own confines 12
  7. 14 38% of #internalcomms teams produce content and organise activities

    according to a plan to create a narrative that reinforces culture and keeps engagement with business goals
  8. Objectives for the next 12 months (answers before COVID-19 pandemic)

    19 Organisations already getting high value from their platform want to further increase business value
  9. Working online Processes and routines The timeline of #WFH so

    far Surviving Systems and tools #WFH Engagement & Resilience People Embracing it Culture 21 H1 2020 H2 2020 + 2021 2021 -
  10. Increase awareness about the way social technology can create value

    for your organisation 23 Engagement Productivity Agility Learning
  11. Help your leaders achieve their goals and engage their teams

    through strategic and planned dialogues 25
  12. Goals for using the platform should be directly linked to

    the strategy and to the narratives the organisation wishes to reinforce 26
  13. Platform vendors should show greater vision, inspiring and leading their

    clients towards high value- added activities 27 “Our platform has more comfortable seats and will allow you to add two horses so you can go faster” “Our platform might make you feel range anxiety, but you’ll contribute to a cleaner world. …. And you won’t smell horse poo all day.”
  14. 29 To download the Benchmark Report or take part in

    the next edition, go to https://www.maturityscan.orangetrail.com/ Get in touch Ana Neves [email protected] @ananeves