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If the problem was the solution ? - nCraft 2016

If the problem was the solution ? - nCraft 2016

We love the challenge of solving complex problems. But are we always sure to solve the right one?

This lightning talk wants to show how thinking about the problem statement can radically change the complexity of the solution.

With examples from history and sciences we will review some shifts in the problem vision and the impact they had. And how this mindset can apply in our day-to-day job.



May 13, 2016




  3. PROBLEM ?

  4. changing the problem perspective…

  5. Wrong perspectives make Leads to Fought by complications accidental complexity

    simplicity Ockham razor principle
  6. « Our job, as a software developer is to contains

    accidental complexity contain complexity
  7. Wrong problem definition…

  8. Wrong problem statement makes Leads to Fought by errors bugs

  9. « TDD is a form of Property based testing is

    deductive reasoning inductive reasoning
  10. does the problem even exists ?

  11. Creating a problem Leads to Fought by of your own

    feature creep YAGNI
  12. « Often the right solution is to not write code

    at all solution at all
  13. solving the root cause, not the symptoms…

  14. Solving symptoms is a Leads to Fought by temporary solution

    instability root cause analysis
  15. « You need to be a problem founder before being

    a problem solver finder solver
  16. Scaling is not linear in complexity…

  17. Scaling with the Leads to Fought by same solution software

    collapse decoupling software engineering
  18. Micro-services

  19. « Exploration is searching for new solutions while exploitation is

    improving what already works. - Alan Key Exploration exploitation
  20. Scalability implies entropie

  21. Scaling without managing Leads to Fought by entropy software rot

  22. « I’m not a great programmer; I’m just a good

    programmer with great habits - Martin Fowler habits great
  23. Searching the solution in the technical field…

  24. Searching solutions in the Leads to software with Fought by

    technical field no added value DDD
  25. « You are not paid for the technical problem you

    solve, but for the business one business technical
  26. Reinventing the [square] wheel…

  27. Making your Leads to Fought by wheel bad implementation benchmarking

  28. « So, no, you shouldn't reinvent the wheel. Unless you

    plan on learning more about wheels, that is. learning wheel - Jeff Atwood
  29. « If I were given one hour to save the

    planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and on minute resolving it. -Albert Einstein 59 1
  30. « Life is really simple, but we insist on making

    it complicated. -Confucius
  31. MERCI ! @lilobase