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Intervention Michelin DORD

Intervention Michelin DORD


May 10, 2023

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  1. Empirical De fi ned Chem ical Electrical Civil Aviation Aerospatial

    Biological BigTech Continuous Integration Pace of innovation Continuous Feedback
  2. Design Test Simulation 3D modeling Parallel exploration 3D printing Automated

    tests Fast full scale prototyping The design converges faster Shortest possible cycle time Continuous Integration
  3. Autonomy requires Alignement Micromanagement 
 Mindless execution Autonomy

    Alignement Confusion 
 Inaction Misdirected 
  4. Autonomy Alignement Clarity 
 (Vision & shared understanding) Competency 

    (Mastery) Cohesion 
 (Trust) Autonomy requires Alignement