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Now supporting Dark Mode on LINE messenger

Now supporting Dark Mode on LINE messenger

Hitomi Komata (S_Shimotori)
LINE LINE iOS Team Software Engineer


LINE DevDay 2019

November 21, 2019


  1. 2019 DevDay Now Supporting Dark Mode on LINE Messenger >

    Hitomi Komata (S_Shimotori) > LINE LINE iOS Team Software Engineer
  2. Dark Mode feature is coming soon!

  3. Agenda > What is Dark Mode for “LINE”? > Way

    to support Dark Mode > Future tasks
  4. What is Dark Mode
 for “LINE”?

  5. > Saving battery on OLED display > Less eye strain

    Dark Mode on iOS13
  6. LINE Theme “ண͔ͤ͑” “Black” & “Cony”

  7. What is Dark Mode for “LINE”? > A feature to

    change light or dark as you like > A burden on LINE’s multiple projects and technical debt CONFLICT: Merge conflict in Theme system.
  8. Way to support Dark Mode

  9. Legacy colors in “LINE”

  10. LDS semantic colors by LINE DESIGN SYSTEM primaryText #111111 /

    #FFFFFF secondaryText #555555 / #B7B7B7
  11. hardcoded
 static UIColor dynamic UIColor Color flow in “LINE” Theme

    setting file static UIColor LINE
 semantic color Force light mode temporarily
  12. iOS view hierarchy UINavigationController + modal transition UIWindow UITransitionView UINavigation

    Controller UIView
 Controller UITransitionView UIView
 Controller UINavigation
  13. Fix for new methods in iOS 13 > There is

    overlap between withTintColor(_:) and our tint method. > and so on. > UISearchBar’s specification is modified in iOS 13.
  14. Done!

  15. Future tasks

  16. Future tasks of LINE Theme > Update LINE Theme system

    and assets for LINE DESIGN SYSTEM > Remove hardcoded colors and enable LINE Theme
  17. Summary

  18. Summary > “LINE” supports Dark Mode feature,
 however some views

    are still forced in light mode in the first release. > LINE Theme continues to be updated! > Dark Mode feature is a part of Theme system in “LINE”.
  19. Thank You