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20210731 - LINE 前端團隊介紹

20210731 - LINE 前端團隊介紹

LINE Sponsor Booth frontend team session by Petr Mareš @ COSCUP 2021
Event page: https://coscup.org/2021/zh-TW/venue


LINE Developers Taiwan

August 01, 2021


  1. LINE Frontend Team Petr Mareš 2021.07

  2. 01 02 03 04 05 Contents Web Products in LINE

    Taiwan As a Frontend Team in LINE Taiwan As a Frontend Member in Product Team As an Engineer in LINE Taiwan Recruiting
  3. Web Family Services

  4. Web Family Services

  5. Engineering Products Project Buffet

  6. Sharing Platform Engineering Products

  7. Repeat Success Step Ahead Quality Delivery Goals

  8. Don’t reinvent wheel Repeat Success Prepare for future Step Ahead

    CI/CD, Testing Quality Delivery Goals
  9. OKR Organization Product Personal Objectives Alignment

  10. Requirements Develop Deploy Design Test 98% of Members in Scrum

    Teams Delivery
  11. LINE Planner Frontend Backend Planner Frontend Planner Frontend Product Product

    Product Project Project Teams Backend Backend QA QA QA
  12. Frontend Designer Figma/Zeplin SRE CI/CD; Monitoring Security Infosec Review Other

    Products Sharable Solutions Teams
  13. → 2019 2020 → Frameworks Tech Stack

  14. Tech Stack Not Limited to only these Frameworks Tooling CI/CD

  15. Frontend Frontend 90 65 % % Backend DevOps DevOps Backend

    Going Full Stack Beyond Frontend
  16. Day Day Day Day Day Product Developing AI hackathon TF

    Meetup (DevOps TF) Product Developing Study group (Code complete) LINE Class (PJM Training) Tech Sharing (Web Components) Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Technical Explore
  17. Technical Explore

  18. Workshops Team Activities

  19. Team building Team Activities

  20. Review Resume Remote Technical Interview Meet the Team (Optional) Remote

    Pretest Hiring Manager Interview Director Interview (Optional) Interview
  21. Evaluation Mastery LINE Style Collaboration/ Leadership