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Lean UX - Sharing Design

September 17, 2013

Lean UX - Sharing Design

This talk focuses on just one way we've been able to integrate Lean UX at an enterprise level. The focus is on collaborative design techniques, specifically Vision Workshops, Rapid Sketch Sessions, and more organic design sessions.

I gave this talk at a Lean UX MN meetup on 9/17/13.


September 17, 2013

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  1. Lean UX Mileage may vary We’re a big company… with

    many business lines and approvers. starting to use Agile. development and design sit on the same floor. project-centered (not product-centered) teams.
  2. Lean UX Common Problems “We can’t do that” “We don’t

    get that data back” “That doesn’t align with our marketing materials” “What do you do? Exec. #1 “I want it like A.” Exec #2 “I want it like B.” “What’s going on?” “Why did you design it THAT way?” “Did you know we can do X, Y and Z?” “That’s out of scope” “I have a better idea…” “uh…that’s a lot of work…”
  3. Lean UX So how do we fix it? Design &

    discovery Design & iteration Vision Workshop Understand the problem Rapid Sketch Session Appreciate the approach Design Session Work through the details
  4. Lean UX Vision Workshop You’re Invited to a Vision Workshop!

    Who When Stakeholders, leaders, the business Before a project kicks off, or even exists Why To discover what’s truly needed out of future development
  5. Lean UX Vision Workshop UX-ers facilitate design on the fly

    while groups discuss Time-boxed: Yes – but not strictly enforced Focus on: personas, use cases, ideal conditions Outcome: clarity of vision and strategy for future projects
  6. Lean UX Vision Workshop 5 10 15 5 10 10

    5 Introduce the session. Give an overview of the agenda, and goals. 60 min. Solo vision stories – “As a user I want to…” “As a user I need to…” Group barrier discussion – Discuss and record perceived barriers to user goals Review top 3 vision stories (compiled from the solo vision story activity) Small group breakouts – each group gets a top vision story and a UX-er Large group – Each group outlines their approach and ideas around their story Action items – What can we do with this vision right now? What happens next?
  7. Lean UX Rapid Sketch Session You’re Invited to a Rapid

    Sketch Session! Who When The whole project team When a project kicks off, and at pivotal direction/scope changing points Why To instill a shared appreciation and vision for the design direction
  8. Lean UX Rapid Sketch Session UX Back End Dev Front

    End Dev Content QA Project Manager Business Analyst Product Manager Customer Service Everyone sketches. Everyone gets a say.
  9. Lean UX Rapid Sketch Session Everyone is holding a pen,

    pencil, marker, highlighter, etc… Time-boxed: Strictly! Focus on: generating lots of ideas and identifying challenges Outcome: Team appreciation of direction and approach to solving a problem
  10. Lean UX Rapid Sketch Session 10 8 5 Give a

    nice buffer because people will be late! ~120 min. Intro -  How rapid sketch session works -  Describe problem -  Outline obstructions -  Overview of timeline Individual sketch – 6ups Individual sketch – 1up Break out into small groups of 3 or 4
  11. Lean UX Rapid Sketch Session 15 15 15 10 10

    25 5 ~120 min. Present individual sketches to small group, use remaining time to discuss Feedback - Groups share with each other, provide feedback --Break time-- Sketch and build concepts as a group Refine concepts in small group based on feedback Present and discuss as a large group Next steps – discuss what might need to be researched, prototyped, etc…
  12. Lean UX Design Session You’re Invited to a Design Session!

    Who When Trusted collaborators Anytime a new design problem needs a solution Why To quickly create buildable solutions that everyone can agree on
  13. Lean UX Design Session Everyone is holding a pen, pencil,

    marker, highlighter, etc… Time-boxed: Not at all Focus on: Solving specific problems or building specific features Outcome: A clear design that everyone agrees on, and requires little to no re-work
  14. Lean UX What we get from sharing design •  Better

    design •  Time to research •  Control of end product •  Engagement: everyone is a UX stakeholder •  Shared vision: Less time defending, more time making and checking “Better quality of life”
  15. Lean UX Vision Workshop See me after for hand-outs 6-ups!

    As a user I want to… As a user I need to… Why? What’s my motivation or underlying need? Vision stories vision stories!