Inclusive web design: Client delight

92c6fcd3c1e72b85af8acbf706d4f5a4?s=47 Helen Clark
October 11, 2017

Inclusive web design: Client delight

Clients. Designers love to hate them. But why? At Katapult, one of our core values is client delight, and we’re always striving for that. But sometimes web projects go awry. Sometimes it can feel like clients “don’t get” what we’re trying to achieve or focus on the wrong details. As designers, it’s up to us to involve and educate clients in order to get the best results for us and them. But what does that look like? I’ve spent the last year experimenting with different ways to get clients onboard with design. This talk covers some of these including discovery; sprints; agile(esque) and flexible working, and most importantly, communication.


Helen Clark

October 11, 2017