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titanium_mobile #TechLunch

titanium_mobile #TechLunch

2011/11/16(水) @ Livesense TechLunch
発表者:桂 大介


Livesense Inc.

April 23, 2014


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  4. Titanium Mobile

  5. Native iPhone and Android Applications Rock

  6. Native User Experience Matters Killer Apps: Social Networking and Location-based

    Services Use your favorite web technologies
  7. ネイティブのウィジェット使え るよ ソーシャルとか LBS が得意だよ っていうかゲーム苦手だよ Javascript 使えるよ

  8. Cofee Script is also available.

  9. "Hello World" is below

  10. var win = Titanium.UI.createWindow({ backgroundcolor: '#fff', title: 'First App', });

    var label = Titanium.UI.createLabel({ text: 'Hello Titanium', textAlign: 'center', height: 20, font: { fontSize: 20, fontWeight: 'bold', } }); win.add(label); win.open();
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  13. Build, Test, and Deploy Mobile Cloud Apps in a Single

    Development Environment
  14. Develop, test, and deploy your mobile app in a single

    environment Eclipse-based IDE for mobile and web development Support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP, and Python
  15. KitchenSink DEMO

  16. TitaniumMobile++ One Source Javascript 1.6 (or Coffee) JS Library Available

    Forget GC Extendable by Native Code
  17. TitaniumMobile-- Not Matured Less Documents Narrow Domain Slow Emulator

  18. まとめ • 使い所重要! • アプリ側がごりごりじゃないなら使える • Native 拡張いいけど、 Native たくさん使うく

    らいならそれぞれのアプリ作った方が良い • どちらにせよもう少し待った方が良いかも?
  19. the Next Theme

  20. Return to RC

  21. Data Structues in C++