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Open information/Information Architecture

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February 20, 2016

Open information/Information Architecture

Presented at World Information Architecture Day 2016 in Zürich - for more information see

This talk is about information and it's notorious twin, data - about what it means to make data open, and how that plays together with current directions in IA. We will highlight opportunities arising from such a collaboration and highlight it through examples from the open data movement in Switzerland and around the world.

What is the intersection between information architecture and open data concepts and initiatives? Interconnecting and distributing, making accessible and re-using content and functionality is at the heart of both realms. Open data is about structures and accessibility, something that goes hand in hand with the work of Information Architecture. Likewise, open data publishers and users can make much of our ability to sensemake, our knowledge and services within their work.

Konstantin is lead information architect at iA inc.

Oleg is an open data, open systems engineer at



February 20, 2016


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  3. What happens when data is connected to knowledge?

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  7. Where does our reliance on “all the facts” take us?

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  13. “A piece of content or data is open if anyone

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  17. How do IA and open data play together?

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  23. Thank you Oleg Lavrovsky Konstantin Weiss Datalets, Bern iA, Zurich

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