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Security Primer

Security Primer

Contains a few guidelines for safer webbing :)


Amit Seal Ami

August 18, 2015


  1. Security - Primer

  2. Use permissions wisely in Facebook • Don't give permission to

    bogus, attention hungry narcissistic apps about how evil you are or how many opposite gender human beings are stalking you
  3. DO NOT Click • Just… don't

  4. Login only from your/trusted PC • Use two factor authentication

    to add an extra layer of security • Won't work in an already compromised PC
  5. Windows or Linux? • These are mere tools • Used

    properly, both can be very secure OS
  6. Cracked Windows? • Most of us use pirated / cracked

    products, never checking the adware / malware we are installing along with it – Windows is just a VICTIM of our actions that can be prevented with our vigilance. :)
  7. Free Linux? • Most of the malware simply won't work

    in Ubuntu (or any other Linux distro), thus reducing your headache significantly.
  8. The End PS • This was created using Libre Impress in Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 • Give it a try, maybe? :)