Working with Webhooks

Working with Webhooks


Lorna Mitchell

May 25, 2017


  1. Working with Webhooks Lorna Mitchell, IBM May 2017

  2. Webhooks in the Wild Webhooks power: • slack notifications •

    continuous integration services • other integrations @lornajane
  3. How APIs Work @lornajane

  4. How APIs Work @lornajane

  5. How APIs Work @lornajane

  6. How Webhooks Work @lornajane

  7. How Webhooks Work @lornajane

  8. How Webhooks Work @lornajane

  9. What About Time? @lornajane

  10. APIs Over Time @lornajane

  11. Webhooks Over Time @lornajane

  12. Webhooks Require PreArrangement @lornajane

  13. Designing Webhooks @lornajane

  14. Webhooks in the Wild: GitHub "ref": "refs/heads/master", "before": "1ae6a404351cead52df24893621d82ba6ec84a1c", "after":

    "e8474d83985330fa36f8862b37ca84ada4313392", "created": false, "deleted": false, "forced": false, "compare": " "commits": [ ... ], "repository": { ... }, "pusher": { ... }, "sender": { ... } @lornajane
  15. Designing Webhooks Consider the use cases: • try to include

    all information for common outcomes • consider impact of payload size vs potentially many followup API calls @lornajane
  16. Receiving Webhooks @lornajane

  17. Receiving Webhooks It's just a POST request! Advice: • DO:

    accept, store and acknowledge quickly • DON'T: validate or process before acknowledging @lornajane
  18. Ngrok for Testing Webhooks - secure tunnel to your

    dev platform Use this tool to: • webhook into code running locally • inspect the request and response of the webhook • replay requests and see the responses @lornajane
  19. Storing Data Simplest queue can go in your database! •

    an ID • the payload that came in (extract fields to search on) • a status field (new/processed/failed) A cron job to work through what needs doing and update the status field. @lornajane
  20. Storing Data @lornajane

  21. Storing Data @lornajane

  22. Storing Data If you outgrow the database method, use a

    queue. • e.g. RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd, Gearman • easy way to link many workers with work to do @lornajane
  23. Publishing Webhooks @lornajane

  24. Publishing Webhooks Offering webhook integrations is ideal if: • you

    have clients polling your API a lot • it's common for another system to react to changes in your system • you want to offer notifications for specific events • any of the above apply either internally or externally @lornajane
  25. Example App: Retro Guestbook In the olden days, we had

    guestbooks on our websites. • Allow user to leave their name and a comment • Show the comments left so far • Include webhook management for notifications of new comments @lornajane
  26. Example App: Retro Guestbook @lornajane

  27. Saving Data: Basic Process @lornajane

  28. Saving Data: Handling Webhooks @lornajane

  29. Saving Data: Handling Webhooks @lornajane

  30. Data Hygiene Workers should be independent • pass in data

    up front if you can • ideally one component talks to each data store • keep metadata and data separate @lornajane
  31. Saving Data: Handling Webhooks @lornajane

  32. Saving Data: Handling Webhooks @lornajane

  33. Saving Data: Handling Webhooks @lornajane

  34. About Workers Workers are: • long running processes • may

    be able to process multiple message types • may have many of the same worker (horizontal scaling) • can be any tech (for bursty workloads, try serverless workers) Many microservices patterns also work well here @lornajane
  35. Webhooks in Your Applications • Use them WHEN you want

    to notify other systems • Examples of HOW to use webhooks hopefully gave you some ideas • Webhooks are HTTP: we already understand this @lornajane
  36. Webhooks ... are awesome :) @lornajane

  37. Thanks! • Slides: • Example app: • RabbitMQ: • Bluemix: • Requestbin: • Ngrok: • Website: @lornajane