Designing for Words: Elements of Typographic Style for the Web

Designing for Words: Elements of Typographic Style for the Web

At the beginning of the web, all we had was words on a screen. 22 years later, the web we design for is a far more complicated place, but words still lie at the very heart of what we do.

In recent years, we’ve been given far more control over the way we style our content, allowing us to do things we haven’t been able to before via JavaScript, HTML and CSS. However, it’s not just from an aesthetic point of view that we need to be looking at this, but from a simple point of legibility as well.

Looking at some of the fundamentals of typography and layout design, I plan to look at how we can make the words we display beautiful and user friendly, looking at how to choose the right font for the job and pitfalls of web fonts to look out for, to how we implement print-based rules of thumb using CSS and JS, to how to tackle some of the trickier problems such as orphans, widows, rivers, columns and how to tackle responsive from a content point of view.


Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

September 22, 2015