The User Experience of Social

The User Experience of Social

A talk that was given at #FOWA London 2013 and #WebDevConf 2013.

I explained my background as a failed music graduate, agricultural designer, social media 'expert'* and finally designer and developer. Because of this relatively obscure set of skills, the way we integrate social into the sites that we build has been a particular interest of mine, especially since reading Paul Boag's 'Social Media is a part of the User Experience.

In the talk, I walk through a bit of psychology as to the motivations behind any interaction, and then step through problems with our current social interaction designs, and how with a little thought and planning, we can make social an integrated part of the experience that actually makes our users happier, and their experience on our sites a little more painless.

*irony intended.


Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

October 24, 2013