Parallelism in PostgreSQL 11

7b7e8e5a434cc7986bb95dcc523f59fa?s=47 Thomas Munro
September 06, 2018

Parallelism in PostgreSQL 11

A talk on parallelism in PostgreSQL 11, given at PostgresOpen in San Francisco in September 2018.

Also presented in a slightly modified form at Wellington Open Source Show and Tell ( in New Zealand in October 2018, PostgreSQL Down Under ( in Melbourne, Australia in December 2018, and FOSDEM PGDay ( in Brussels, Belgium in February 2019.

It's come to my attention that someone presented a slide deck very directly derived from this one at another conference in another country without attribution. While I am... flattered?... I assert that *I* am the original creator of this material (except for quotes and images explicitly attributed to others in the slides, and a couple of incidental bits of artwork that are listed as Public Domain on Wikipedia and an elephant herd photo available from multiple "free wallpaper" websites without authorship information). Accept no imitation. I work on the team that developed the software described.


Thomas Munro

September 06, 2018