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Courage to create a career in Mobile Development

Courage to create a career in Mobile Development

My personal journey and some of the lessons I learned along the way. I emphasize best practices in building Android apps, Kotlin's advantages, writing Clean Code, and creating an achievable learning plan.

Magda Miu

April 24, 2021

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  1. Courage to create a career in Mobile Development @magdamiu IWD2021

  2. @magdamiu 01 OOP Kotlin 02 Clean Code 03 Android Jetpack

    04 05 Learning Plan
  3. @magdamiu About me • Squad Leader Developer @YOXO • Android

    Google Developers Expert • Trainer & Speaker • Co-organiser GDG Pitesti & WTM Bucharest
  4. @magdamiu Employment history Web Developer Aug 2010 - Oct 2010

    Android Developer Nov 2010 - Aug 2015 Android Technical Lead Sept 2015 - Dec 2019 Squad Lead Developer Jan 2019 - Present GDE Android Feb 2019 - Present
  5. @magdamiu OOP 01

  6. @magdamiu • DRY - Don’t Repeat Yourself ◦ Applicable whenever

    we copy / paste a piece of code • KISS - Keep It Simple and Stupid ◦ Whenever we want to implement a method to do all things • YAGNI - You Ain’t Gonna Need It ◦ Don’t write code which is not yet necessary • SOLID ◦ Single responsibility (SRP) ◦ Open-closed (OCP) ◦ Liskov substitution (LSP) ◦ Interface segregation (ISP) ◦ Dependency inversion (DIP) Design Principles
  7. @magdamiu Design Patterns

  8. @magdamiu Kotlin 02

  9. @magdamiu

  10. @magdamiu • General-purpose • FP + OOP • Open source

    (Apache 2.0) • Developed by JetBrains • Static typing What is Kotlin?
  11. @magdamiu *.kt *.java Kotlin compiler Java compiler *.class *.jar App

    Kotlin runtime Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java
  12. 12 Kotlin is about developer’s happiness and productivity

  13. @magdamiu Clean Code 03

  14. @magdamiu

  15. The boy scout rule Leave the campground cleaner than you

    found it.
  16. @magdamiu System System Command Query Output System Changed state Output

    (result) Changed state Output (result) Command Query Separation
  17. Every time you write a comment, a cat cries somewhere...

  18. @magdamiu Android Jetpack 04

  19. @magdamiu Android Jetpack UI Jetpack Compose Foundation AndroidX, Android KTX

    Architecture LiveData, ViewModel, Lifecycle, Room, Navigation, Paging, Hilt Behaviour Slices, Security, Permissions
  20. @magdamiu Tools for Android Development CI/CD Pipeline

  21. @magdamiu Learning Plan 05

  22. @magdamiu The “process” SWOT Where I am now Retro How

    it was and what’s next OKRs What I want to achieve Review What I achieved 01 02 04 03
  23. @magdamiu Step 1 SWOT Where I am now

  24. @magdamiu Personal SWOT Analysis Strengths Advantages like: skills, achievements, certifications,

    education, connections Weaknesses Skills that should be improved (technical or work habits) Opportunities Events, conferences, new role/project, industry growing Threats Impediments at work, changes, weaknesses lead to threats S O W T Here you can evaluate your profile
  25. @magdamiu Step 2 OKRs What I want to achieve

  26. @magdamiu OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) OKR 1 OKR 2

    Key Result 1 Key Result 2 Key Result 1 Key Result 2
  27. @magdamiu Superpower Focus and commit to priorities Superpower Align and

    connect with your goals Superpower Track for accountability 1 2 3 OKRs superpowers 4 Superpower Stretch for amazing
  28. @magdamiu OKR sample Learn Kotlin for Android Development 6 months

    / weekly review Quantity Goal Quality Goal Result 1 Kotlin Koan per week Learn specific features of the language => 1 feature / week Exercise often and on a set of Koans proposed by JetBrains Write one detailed article about a specific topic per month Improve my writing skills and learn by teaching to others Learn new things, help the community and get feedback 3 code samples runned per week Get a repo with samples that I can re-check (use ktlint) Gain real experience in programming using Kotlin
  29. @magdamiu Step 3 Review What I achieved

  30. @magdamiu • Score your results • Keep notes of your

    accomplishments • Look for feedback because development is continuous • Surround yourself with people who motivate and inspire you • Find a mentor Review process
  31. @magdamiu Step 4 Retrospective How it was and what’s next

  32. @magdamiu • Did I accomplish all of my objectives? ◦

    YES => what contributed to my success? ◦ NO => what obstacles did I encounter? • Understand what is your WHY • Repeat the process Retrospective
  33. @magdamiu How to stay up to date 📃Official Documentation from

    Google 🌐Blogs and Websites 💻Code Examples (Codelabs & GitHub) 📰Newsletters 📚Books & Online Courses 🎞Videos & Youtube Channels 📻Podcasts 󰞵󰠁Twitter 🎤Conferences & Meetups 🚨Troubleshooting
  34. @magdamiu Learn more...

  35. @magdamiu What Guides Me • Set objectives and track the

    progress • Focus on your strengths • The best gift is confidence • Find a mentor to boost your career • Learn to say NO • Good enough is better than perfect • If it’s difficult, take a break, and start over Lessons Learned
  36. @magdamiu magdamiu.com Thank you