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ENS beyond Web3

Makoto Inoue
March 27, 2024

ENS beyond Web3

Makoto Inoue

March 27, 2024


  1. @ensdomains Importing DNS name as ENSNAME - DNSSEC = Chain

    of Trust - Verify root signer on chain - High gas for verifying the proof
  2. @ensdomains Future of ENS: Trust minimised foo.cb.id bar.cb.id baz.cb.id foo.uni.eth

    bar.uni.eth baz.uni.eth foo.yourorg.com bar.yourorg.com baz.yourorg.com cb.id argent.xyz yourorg.com
  3. @ensdomains DNS vs ENS - 350M names worldwide - IP

    address resolution focus - Domain take down system - 2M .eth names - Flexible, and extensible - “Code as Law”