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ENS for the multi chain world @ EthPorto 2023

ENS for the multi chain world @ EthPorto 2023

Makoto Inoue

March 16, 2023

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  1. @ensdomains ENS is just for Ethereum Mainnet - You cannot

    use ENS on other chains - Gas is expensive on Ethereum
  2. @ensdomains ENSIP 10: Wildcard EIP3668: Secure Offchain data retrieval (aka

    CCIP-read) . .eth .matoken.eth *.matoken.eth resolve(“a.matoken.eth”) resolve(“a.matoken.eth”) L2/Offchain Gateway service
  3. @ensdomains ENS Multichain = Chain agnostic foo.cb.id bar.cb.id baz.cb.id foo.argent.xyz

    bar.argent.xyz baz.argent.xyz foo.lens.xyz bar.lens.xyz baz.lens.xyz cb.id argent.xyz lens.xyz
  4. @ensdomains Offchain - DBMS / Side chains - No or

    little gas - Truested - In Production - cb.id/.lens Offchain vs L2 L2 - Optimistic/ZK Rollup - Little gas - On chain verifiable - Trust Minimized - No production (Yet) - POC on Optimism/Arbitrum