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ENS for your community

ENS for your community

Makoto Inoue

May 24, 2023

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  1. @ensdomains Subname - No registration fee - Anyone can issue

    - Great way to onboard new users - Not NFT (unlike .eth) - Cost gas
  2. @ensdomains Problem recap - Not NFT - Parent can override

    child - Parent expiration affect subnames
  3. @ensdomains Problem: I want to issue subdomains to my NFT

    owners - Ownership of subdomain follows the ownership of the NFT
  4. @ensdomains Problem: I want to issue subdomains at events to

    participants for “free” - Creating subnames cost gas
  5. @ensdomains Solution EIP3668: Secure Offchain data retrieval (aka CCIP-read) .

    .eth .matoken.eth *.matoken.eth resolve(“a.matoken.eth”) resolve(“a.matoken.eth”) L2/Offchain Gateway service
  6. @ensdomains Offchain - DBMS / Side chains - No or

    little gas - Truested - In Production - cb.id/.lens Offchain vs L2 L2 - Optimistic/ZK Rollup - Little gas - On chain verifiable - Trust Minimized - No production (Yet) - POC on Optimism/Arbitrum