Risk management for your (scientific) events

Risk management for your (scientific) events

Are you a first-time event organiser? Do you know that your event will face unexpected threats even though you have planned everything well? Yeah! That happened to me at my first event, and the next event, and the one next, and... every time I organised a new event.

However, It was nerve-wracking only for the first time I faced a surprising challenge because I had no contingency plan for what would I do if something went wrong. I was only excited about ticking the boxes on my task list and didn't take unexpected threats into account. So... that was exciting, and it was a great learning experience too.

In this presentation on risk management, I want to share my notes with you. I have listed all the important aspects of the event planning (experience with only scientific events), risk assessment, task prioritisation, and risk mitigation strategies. Related notes can be found at tinyurl.com/eventrisk.

I hope your first event will have less 'unexpected challenges' than mine. All the best.


Malvika Sharan

May 17, 2019