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How is it that we are self-organized and need leadership simultaneously?

How is it that we are self-organized and need leadership simultaneously?

It’s time we talk about hierarchies and power. When self-organization is introduced in companies some other concepts tend to get burnt at the stake. Often among them are hierarchies, power, and leadership. In this session, I will make the case that this is a crucial mistake which will cause unnecessary uncertainty and frustration. I claim that — when implemented in a way that fits the context — power and leadership are essential ingredients of self-organization.


Manuel Küblböck

August 21, 2019

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  1. How is it that we are self-organized and need leadership

    simultaneously? Agile Lean Europe 2019 I PORTO
  2. ingredients & allergens Photo by Katie Smith

  3. leadership self-organization hierarchy & power,

  4. leadership self-organization hierarchy & power, autonomy

  5. self-organization hierarchy & power, autonomy leadership

  6. power Photo by Lisa Woakes power

  7. power authority power over to direct rank exchange power by

    to trade resources integrative power with to attract social capital game changer maximize minimize crisis
  8. hierarchy Photo by Lisa Woakes power hierarchy

  9. hierarchy fluid multi-dimensional collaboration consent benefits all rigid one-dimensional competition

    coercion benefits few
  10. hierarchy - explicit mandates and titles ” you already are.

  11. autonomy Photo by Matteo Minelli

  12. autonomy task & process what so. does input fixed goal

    what so. delivers output flexible goal what so.’s work effects outcome purpose what so.’s work aims for intention autonomy complexity meet people where they are and help them grow
  13. leadership Photo by Juja Han

  14. leadership tension autonomy power leadership tension feel not fully involved

    keeping momentum feel slowed down getting greater buy-in Leadership
  15. leadership tension autonomy power leadership tension Leadership Hierarchies

  16. leadership - a definition in the context of self-organization ”Leadership

  17. leadership & followership deserved demanded elicited given compliance

  18. leadership & followership source: The Meaning Revolution

  19. leadership self-organization hierarchy & power,

  20. self-organization leadership at the right autonomy stage fluid, multi-dimensional hierarchies

    & integrative power
  21. ManuelKublbock better.group If you want to find out more, you

    can read this post. Or better yet, come talk to me afterwards. http://bit.ly/self-org-leadership